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The National Bible Bee competition finished last weekend in the Chicago area. This event is for young people who recite Bible verses from memory (plus learn biblical truths along the way) and is endorsed by our AiG ministry. After all, AiG is all about biblical authority.

On Monday, the second- and third-place winners in the junior category of the Bible Bee toured the Creation Museum with their families. In the first photo, you can see the Schlichter family of Texas. The daughter, Brittany, is holding her third place award.

Brittany is also the author of a book, which she presented to our staff to forward to me (I was speaking in Georgia at the time).

In the next photo, you can see the Floyd family from Pennsylvania. The daughter, Anna (age 14), holds her second-place award.

Congratulations, young ladies! And keep reading your Bible!

I encourage you to think about having your young person be a part of the Bible Bee next year. Regional competitions will be occurring all over the United States (perhaps 7,000 young people will participate in 2011), and the finals will be held in Texas in November of next year. See for more information.

Every Christian Needs to Go

Here is a comment about the Creation Museum we came across recently:
Then we hit the road, in the middle of our 9-day visit, for Petersburg, KY. This was for our much-anticipated visit to the Creation Museum. The museum is a living ministry explosion! If an individual has never heard the gospel they will certainly be held accountable before God for being told the truth of His Word. It was so much more than "just dinosaurs.” Although, the history of God’s creation only validates His pristine architecture for our lives. Isn’t it amazing we call Him Father and He calls us child? Every Christian needs to go. Bring non-believers too! As the museums advertising states “Prepare to believe!”
You can view the original blog post at this link.

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