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There is no doubt we live in a world where “men loved darkness rather than light” (John 3:19).  It so often seems the secular world can say whatever it wants to—mislead, distort, outright lie—but rarely are secularists taken to task over it.  However, if creationists make even one little mistake in something they write or say, the secular world shows no mercy.

In the United Kingdom, we have found the media extremely anti-Christian and deliberately distort what creationists like those at AiG teach. Recently, the Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom had this headline: “Nasa uncovers new 'life on Mars' evidence after rover got stuck in the mud.” Now I’m sure after reading that headline, you’ll want to know what evidence of new life they found on Mars. Oh, and you may have noticed that they did put “life on Mars” in quotes, which is just a hint that maybe the headline is misleading—and it is.  The article then begins with the following:

Fresh evidence that water formed on Mars in potentially life supporting environments more recently than previously thought has been uncovered by Nasa scientists.
Now we start to realize they didn’t find any evidence of life at all; they just found certain things that they think may be evidence that could have perhaps supported life. This is confirmed later in the article when we read the following:
The Nasa team, who are based at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California . . . [said]  “It seems likely the region (on Mars) … may have likewise supported a habitable environment. (emphasis mine)
Note the words I italicized. This is all so typical of the media hype and distortions one reads, particularly when it comes down to talking about the origin of life. Reporters in the secular media seem to do all they can to brainwash people with atheistic evolutionary ideas. This is just another good reason why more and more people need to do the following:
  1. Read the articles on each day.
  2. Subscribe to Answers magazine (our next issue even has a special multiple-article section about astronomy).
  3. Go to AiG’s online bookstore for resources that tell the truth about origins.
  4. Visit the Creation Museum (we’re near Cincinnati, Ohio) and walk through the true history of the world.
  5. Go to an AiG conference in your area—visit the AiG conference website for more information.
  6. Visit the Creation Museum’s Christmas Town event.
You can read the entire Telegraph article on their website.


Come to save that which was lost

(Matthew 18:11) For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

Our master, the Lord Jesus Christ, has given to us a crystal clear mission and goal to accomplish in the short life we have: to find and get saved the lost.

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