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This year, 3,000 churches used AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs, ministering to many thousands of children. The VBS program for 2011, called Gold Rush, is wonderful and so needed in this day and age.

Think about it: our children must decide among many “gods” every day. In media, in school, and in books, they’re taught that all roads lead to heaven. They’re told to “believe what you want and it will be true for you.” These dangerous lies are drawing our kids away from the truth—that Jesus, the Rock of Ages, is the way, the truth, and the life! Salvation is found in Jesus alone!

With Gold Rush, thousands of kids (and adults) are going to learn the answer to the most important question Jesus asks: “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:13). Our curriculum developers have told me that children will be saturated with the truth as they discover the biblical responses to questions such as the following:

  • Is Jesus the only way to heaven? This expands on Jesus’s claim, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Older children will be taught to refute the idea that all roads lead to heaven, and various other religious are discussed briefly in relation to Jesus’s exclusive claim.
  • Who did Jesus say He is? This teaches kids some of Jesus’s amazing claims and that He is superior to all others (all other people, religious leaders, etc.)—He never sinned, He is God, He forgives sins, and He is the Creator.
  • What was unique about Jesus’s birth, life, death, and Resurrection? These lessons focus on teaching children the prophecies Jesus fulfilled with His birth, life, and death. Showcase that He is the Messiah promised hundreds of years before He came. Also sample some of His amazing teachings in contrast to what the world teaches (love your enemies, serve God and not money, children are precious, and look out for others and not yourself). And discuss His radical power that demonstrated He is God: He has power over sickness/disease, power over nature, power to forgive sins, and power over death.
  • What is salvation, and how can I be saved? As with all the VBS gospel presentations, we begin with the Genesis account of Adam’s fall into sin, explain what sin is (disobedience to God’s commands), that we’re all sinners, and all need salvation from sin’s punishment—eternal separation from God in hell. And then share God’s provisions of salvation through Jesus. This lesson also teaches kids to answer such questions as the following: Did Jesus really die on the Cross, or did He just faint? Did the disciples steal Jesus’s body from the tomb? Did anyone see Jesus after He rose from the dead? He is the only one who has ever died and now lives!
  • How can I share the good news of Jesus’s life-changing power? This lesson focuses on providing examples of those whose lives have been radically changed by Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit—specific examples include the disciples (former cowards, they become bold preachers of the gospel to the point that they’re willing to sacrifice their lives for Christ), George Mueller, and Gladys Aylward. Kids are challenged to share the life-changing power of Jesus with others.

Each day, children will see more of the truth about who Jesus is—our Creator and Redeemer. They’ll hear the gospel and will be challenged to follow Jesus.

Go to our special website to find out more about AiG’s VBS program Gold Rush.

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