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AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) program this year, Egypt File, has been a tremendous hit!  We have been overwhelmed with the response, and amazed at the creative ideas people have come up with to promote and then conduct the program.  Here is a fascinating example:

Our church here in Waverly, Iowa is doing the [Egypt File VBS] program and we decided to have a float in our local Heritage Days parade on July 17.  I think the float turned out real cute.  Our mouse was a "BIG" hit.   We are excited to do this program.
Here are some photographs of the float (and the mouse):

Word Is Exalted

Here is a short email that was received this week from a person who wrote to an AiG staff member after having gone through the Creation Museum.  Really, these few words sum up the purpose of the Creation Museum:
After having viewed so many wonderful exhibits, it is easy to see why you, and the other staff members we interacted with, are so genuinely enthusiastic about the Museum.  It truly is a unique place where God is glorified and His Word is exalted.
Yes, “God is glorified and His Word is exalted,” which is the emphasis of the Creation Museum—so the gospel can be clearly presented.


I stood between the Lord and you

(Deuteronomy 5:5)  I stood between the LORD and you at that time, to show you the word of the LORD

To effectively help others know the Lord Jesus Christ, we take our prayer position between the Lord Jesus Christ and others to pray and teach the Bible.

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