Atheists Can Be So Inconsistent

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One of the news items from our local area this week started with the headline:

“Godless” Billboard Going Up in Cincinnati.
The item continued:
“Don’t Believe In God? You are not alone.” [sic] are the words featured on the billboard on Reading Road at 12th Street, one block south of Liberty Street. It was placed there by Cin CoR, the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason.
The group says the display is part of a coordinated statewide campaign that includes similar billboards announced today in Columbus and Cleveland. It’s aimed at raising awareness about people who don’t believe in a god.
First of all, who is in this group putting up these billboards? From their own words, they state:
The United Coalition of Reason is a national organization that works to raise the visibility of local groups in the community of reason. Nationally, we do this by conducting campaigns which highlight the fact that nontheists live in every community across America. Locally, we do this by promoting informal cooperation among local groups, hosting a local coalition website, providing group leaders with free public relations training, and funding a publicity campaign. There is no obligation, financial or otherwise, for these services and United CoR's efforts are cooperative and supplementary to the work already being done by national and local nontheistic organizations.
Now there are currently three of these billboard campaigns in Ohio: Cincinnati area, Columbus area, and Cleveland area. Each has its own local Coalition of Reason group with various atheist/rationalist/freethinker/secular humanist groups as “members.” The Cincinnati sponsor is the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason (Cin CoR). They state:
Welcome to the The Cincinnati Coalition of Reason. We are a collection of nontheistic groups in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky working together to increase awareness of secular-minded principles and organizations. We invite you to explore all of the groups, listed under the member organizations tab, and to join one or two if you are interested.
Three local atheist groups are members of Cin CoR: Cincinnati Atheists Meetup Group (they arrange informal meetings in the Cincy/Northern Kentucky area.); Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (FIG); and Camp Quest Ohio.

Here is what is interesting about all this: the Free Inquiry Group and the atheist founder of Camp Quest (and a founding member of the Free Inquiry Group) were some of the atheists who demonstrated outside the Creation Museum when it opened in 2007, and also the Free Inquiry Group was the group that initially opposed the first site we had selected for the Creation Museum—and their opposition initially was because we were a Christian group. And the founder of Camp Quest was one who was with nearly 300 atheists/agnostics who visited the Creation Museum in recent times and held a mock communion service outside the gates to openly mock the death and resurrection of our Lord.

Now, America is a country with freedom of religion, and, so, atheists are able to put up these billboards to promote their religion of atheism (yes, it is a religion—a system of belief held to with ardor and faith, and in this case, blind faith). However, it is interesting to note that many people from these atheist groups actively opposed the Creation Museum, demonstrated against it, held up placards at the opening with statements that were personal attacks, and rented a noisy plane to pull a banner over the museum to harass us and accuse us of lying. Many such atheists have written blogs attacking us personally, using vile language and blaspheming God.

Yes, these intolerant atheists cry loudly when people have opposed some of their billboard campaigns in certain areas—but they themselves actively oppose Christian organizations—and the Christian message—and attack people personally. The inconsistencies and hypocritical nature of what they do is blatant.

Also, think about this: a group called Free Inquiry wanted to stop us from building a museum on private property and using private funds, initially saying that it was because we were a Christian ministry. Then they tried to come up with more legitimate-sounding reasons (e.g., we were in a rural area) to oppose us, but their true motivation in vehemently opposing us had already been shown by that time. But, then again, for an atheist who doesn’t believe in absolutes (except their own belief that their opinion determines what should be done), there is no such thing as right, wrong, love, or whatever—all depends on how such a person determines they will define things. So, it’s no wonder they do whatever they want to—all is ultimately relative—there is no purpose and meaning to anything except what they themselves determine.

One last thing: the ultimate message of these billboards is that there is no God. Therefore, there is no ultimate meaning or purpose in life. What is the point of even putting up such billboards? They have no ultimate purpose anyway!

Today’s devotion is one every atheist needs to take heed of:


I, even I

(Isaiah 43:11) I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no savior.

The plain truth is that there is just no other hope to be saved from sins, avoid hell, and gain heaven other than through the rejected and despised Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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