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We have just started an Answers in Genesis Facebook page, and already over 1,400 members have joined even though we have just started to publicly advertise this. More than 100 people a day are finding and joining our group. Follow us on Facebook!

By the way, we also have a Creation Museum Facebook page that you can join.

In California

Tomorrow I will be speaking at both morning services of Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks (California) and the same message at Harvest Christian Fellowship of Riverside for the evening service. You can obtain details from the event calendar on AiG’s website.

The Poem that Jack Wrote

One of our supporters recently sent me a poem her 10-year-old son wrote about the Creation Museum. I thought you would be interested to read it:

Prepare to dive into an ocean of unbelievable creatures;
Prepare to set foot on the earth when dinosaurs and me roamed it together;
Prepare to hear the Word of God;
Prepare to Believe!

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