700 Club to Feature AiG Speakers

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It was a blessing this past Tuesday to be interviewed by Paul Strand, senior correspondent with CBN NEWS for the 700 Club TV program. Both Dr. David Menton and I were interviewed, particularly about the “Darwin Year” (his 200th birthday) and also in relation to our new “Natural Selection” exhibit at the Creation Museum that will open March 15.

I have included two photographs taken as I was interviewed by CBN. You will also see the sign on the wall in front of the closed-off area where the new exhibit is being worked on. The exhibit will include special models of bacteria made by one of our talented sculptors, live blind cave fish, taxidermy specimens of blind mice and finches, and various informative signs.

natural-selection4.jpg    natural-selection8.jpg

AiG Conferences in the United Kingdom

Dr. Menton and I are in the United Kingdom ready to start our speaking tour over the next ten days. We have conferences in Glasgow/Motherwell (Scotland), Hampshire, and London. You can obtain details from the following links: This is an important year to be giving presentations in the United Kingdom on creation, evolution, Genesis, etc. We trust we will be able to equip and challenge people concerning the truth of Genesis and the gospel in this “Darwin Year.” Please pray for us as we travel and speak.



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