More Aussies Visit the Creation Museum

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Lifetime Creation Museum members Lukas and Barbara Butler came all the way from Perth, Western Australia, specifically to visit the Creation Museum here in the Cincinnati area. They told me that when they heard about the museum, they really wanted to become members—and the Lord provided the funds for them to become lifetime members. They visited the museum for three days.

The Butlers are missionaries who have spent six years ministering to the Aborigines in remote Australia. They have been using Answers in Genesis material for several years while on the mission field, ministering to both churched and un-churched children.

Buddy Davis’s songs have been a great hit among the children also. Lukas and Barbara were so excited to attend Buddy Davis’s creation musical adventure while here at the museum during their visit. They said that one of the highlights for them was seeing the planetarium and that the “Culture in Crisis” display made a big impression on them.


Preserving and Teaching God’s Truth

We always appreciate the daily feedback we receive that the Lord uses to encourage us:
I would just like to start by saying how much I appreciate who you are and all you have done in my life and many others by preserving and teaching God’s truth from the very beginning foundations that our beliefs and world is based upon. I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege and opportunity to attend some of your conferences and watch many of your videos. I am awestruck by what you have done by creating the Creation Museum; it is really an answered prayer and a dream come true, and I really believe it is the best thing we need for our society which seems to have forgotten our vital foundations. Our family is blessed enough to have a membership there. . . .  I hope this small token of my appreciation can help in some small way to better help your mission of spreading God’s truth. . . .


The day will come

(Genesis 8:13) Noah removed the covering of the Ark, and looked, and, behold, the face of the ground was dry.

If we spend the resources of our lives serving the Lord Jesus Christ, the day will come when we will see so clearly that we have not wasted our lives.

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