The Great American God-out

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God haters are becoming much more aggressive in this country. Take the website Here are some excerpts:

THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! is a newly demarcated holiday wherein … individuals are encouraged to combine their supportive efforts to help prevent and cure disease. Even if just for one day--people will live as as if there is no god; people will live as if there only exists the goodness of self and others to sustain healthy living!
THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! will also provide people the opportunity to lobby for genuine separation of church and state and live--even if just for one day--as if there are no barriers to having access to our Constitutional rights.
Join in the efforts to educate, organize, celebrate and spread the word about THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! Get the facts--get evolved!...Nov. 15, 2007 marked the first ever GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! celebration in New York City and featured many distinguished guests including Dr. Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine, Ellen Johnson of American Atheist, Margaret Downey of Atheist Alliance International, Fred Edwords of American Humanist–members of the Secular Coalition of America–and so many more! ...
The purpose of the Great American God-Out! (GAGO) is to encourage people to think about the possibility of morality existing independently of theology and to abide by humanistic principles–live as if there is no god–even if only for one day …
They encourage people to play a thought game:
1. Say there is no god, would you no longer love your family, friends, children, pets or significant others? Why or why not? 2. Say there is no god, would you stop hoping for a cure for cancer? Why or why not? 3. Say there is no god, would you stop caring about the health of the environment? Why or why not? 4. Say there is no god, would you want orphaned children to find loving homes? Why or why not? 5. Say there is no god, would you want auto-engineers to design a safe car that gets great gas mileage? Why or why not? 6. Say there is no god, would you want Osama Bin Laden to be captured? Why or why not? 7. Say there is no god, would you want child-abusers to be punished by law? Why or why not? 8. Say there is no god, would you teach children to be selfish? Why or why not? 9. Say there is no god, would you steal money from an unattended purse? Why or why not? 10. Say there is no god, would you steal an item from a large department store? Why or why not?

FINALLY: Say there is no god, identify at least one reason you would still have to keep on living, be happy and that would bring meaning to your life. (Think hard--you can do this!)

Actually, it is a great game to think about as this will help you understand what these people want Americans to become—and what they are trying to turn generations of children into (largely through the public education system). You see, if there is no God—no absolute authority—no ultimate meaning or purpose in life, then we may as well steal, murder or do whatever—in fact one may as well end it all now , as what is the point anyway!


A skeptics group from Indiana University–Bloomington is visiting the Creation Museum today. (This must be their version of the “Great American God-out” day!). This group’s constitution states:
The purpose of the Secular Alliance of IU is to join together atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, skeptics and humanists on IU’s campus to promote a naturalistic way of thinking over one which is based on belief in the supernatural. This group’s members trust in the importance of science, reason, and logic in order to better understand the world around us. Our goal is to unite people with similar beliefs, and to discuss these beliefs.
Their promotion of the Creation Museum event from their website states:
Are you ready to marvel at the wonders of Creationism! Prepare yourself to enter a world where religion is science, science is fraud, and faith is the answer to all disbelief. On Saturday, November 15th, we will be making our way down to Kentucky to visit the recently established creation museum…Why should you go? It’s important for any secular thinker to understand how dangerous and manipulative religion can be. The creation museum doesn’t even function as a pseudoscience; yet somehow, they are able to convince thousands of visitors that creationism reveals the true origins of the universe, and many are left with confidence that their christian beliefs have been proven.
Obviously they are very worried about the Creation Museum! They hate the creation/gospel message being presented so powerfully in the culture. They have to as the message of AiG and the Creation Museum undermines the foundation of the secular humanists—it hits at the heart of their secular worldview!

This group is quite ‘evangelistic’ in their atheist preaching. For instance, one item from their website states:

Thursday, November 7th, members of SAIU stood out on the street corner in front of Ballantine to answer peoples’ questions about atheism and to advertise the group. We successfully got 30 people to sign up on our listserv, another 50-100 interested with business cards and brochures, and a handful of heated discussions.
It seems as though a lot of people were interested in the group, and many may and hopefully will show up at our next meeting this Sunday. It’s an event we should do again in the future.
A person also states on their website:
Even if we don't learn anything about science on this trip, at least we will learn something about fundamentalism and religion. There is nothing, as far as I know, preventing us from openly challenging claims made by tour guides, signs, plaques, etc., as long as we are being courteous and not disruptive (I guarantee we will be escorted out promptly).
As long as they are courteous and not disruptive of course, they are very welcome! I really do trust they are not like some of the secular humanists who have come to the Museum and deliberately caused trouble.

Anyhow—our staff will make them welcome! We need to pray that the Lord will use what they see and hear to convict them concerning their need of salvation—after all, that is what the Museum is all about.


We have One

(Hos 13:14) I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.

We are the prey as death laughs at our distress, but, we have One who put His face in death’s face & said He would destroy death for us, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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