The “Unsung Heroes”

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The third paragraph of this email we received this past week is worthy of special mention. There are so many staff at AiG that most of you don’t get to hear about—and yet, this ministry could not operate without them. I so appreciate this person—who visited us from Wisconsin—making special mention of these “unsung heroes:”

We just completed our 8 week small group creation bible study at church and I'm happy to report that those in class who had doubts about creation or a young earth finished the class with a new pair of biblical glasses.
After the third week I had to miss a Sunday as I was out of state. The good news was that while out of state my wife and I were able to swing by and spend a day at the Creation Museum. It was my wife's first visit and she was in awe. The material we picked up at the museum store were valuable resources that were implemented in the class upon return to Wisconsin. I was very excited to share the material with the class and class attendees confirmed that the resources were excellent.
…there are so many there at Answers in Genesis, who, without them nothing would happen. Call them the unsung heroes. Nobody hears about them, they are not the speakers in the forefront but without them the wheels at AIG would stop turning. Please let them know that they are geatly appreciated and that we pray for all of you involved with the Answers in Genesis ministry.


One of AiG’s behind the scenes “unsung heroes,” Donna O’Daniel , was interviewed about bird migration for the Moody Radio Network recently. Dr. Andy McIntosh from the UK (who has spoken for AiG many times over the years) was also featured on this program. Here is a description of the program from the network’s website : “For many of us in North America, autumn is characterized by dramatic color, crisp evenings and of course, thousands of birds flying in formation to their winter homes. These features with Dr. Andy McIntosh and Donna O’Daniel look at the mechanics of flight and the science behind bird migration.”

Here is the link to both parts of the feature:

By the way, Dr. McIntosh is very active in “creation evangelism” in his native England. The photo here shows Andy (gesturing) presenting the creation/gospel message at the famous “Speakers’ Corner” in Hyde Park corner of London.



For details of the AiG Michigan meetings which begin today near Grand Rapids, go to AiG’s event calendar. Mally and I drove up to Grand Rapids yesterday (good time for us to spend together—and saves hundreds of dollars in air fares, plus avoids the stress of plane travel and its deteriorating service these days).

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