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I've heard people describe the AiG website in many ways--and I liked this up-and-coming high school teacher’s description of it being a “giant resource.” We praise the Lord that a person such as this one who will become a high school teacher will take what she has learned from the website and influence all the students she comes in contact with. This person wrote:

I've been visiting this website since May, and I think think it's awesome. I've never been an evolutionist but felt that I couldn't argue against secular ideas about the fossil record, big bang, etc. because the science behind it seemed valid. Nobody I knew, not even people at church, explicitly supported 6 day creation(!) I just didn't feel that "the Bible is not a science textbook" or "Genesis 1-2 should be read as poetry" responses satisfied me.
I cannot thank you enough for putting together this giant resource so that I could look up any issue (ie. C-14 dating, ice ages, memes, starlight time travel) and get very satisfactory answers. It wasn't until I learned that I can trust the Bible's historical accounts that my faith, history, science, morals made sense. As I'm learning to become a high school teacher, I'm learning secular origins theories all over again. Thanks to you, I'm learning where these theories come from and how to respond intelligently.


I thought this testimony from a supporter would inspire you to consider your Christmas shopping online at for gifts that can make an eternity of difference!!:
I have purchased many gifts for family and friends over the last few years, and have been happy to see the gifts enjoyed and used. I like to give something that includes a message of biblical love, faith and truth. I can always trust AiG to uphold the authority of God’s Word in all the products you offer.
I could give you wonderful feedback on many items, but I’ll just give some recent examples. The Noah’s Ark 500 piece puzzle was a huge hit, described as very high quality, crisp pieces, no dust and delightful to put together. The gift book The Wonder Of It All was admired for the beautiful photography. It inspired someone who had never visited the AiG website before to go online and order other books. A teenager who received an Answers Magazine subscription and the Mount St. Helen’s DVD has also visited your website for articles. I gave the book The Life and Times of Archbishop James Ussher to an avid reader of biographies and church history, and she loved it and spoke of what she had learned from reading it.
My personal favorites: The motivating Creation Mini-Series by Ken Ham DVD set and the exclusive edition of The Annals of the World. It’s a big, impressive, gorgeous book, with fascinating information from ancient history. There are so many great products to choose from! Thank you everyone at AiG, for all you do. I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping online very soon.
I am writing this blog from the Atlanta airport as I get ready to fly home Saturday night (late night) from the Deeper Conference in Woodstock, Georgia. Great conference! And we ran out of resources--people “vacuumed” our tables!! I will report more on this tomorrow. Our support staff are driving the AiG truck back to our headquarters


Praise the Lord for such hard working staff (and it is difficult—with long hours—out on the road).

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