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Nearly 2000 people turned out for the first night of the AiG Defending the Faith apologetics conference in Branson, Missouri. I have included two photographs of the auditorium filled with people.

branson-july-15-2008-w-06.jpg    branson-july-15-2008-w-07.jpg

It was fascinating to find that nearly every person/family I met came from a different state! They are from all across the USA. And it was also interesting to note that a very large number had never traveled to Branson before. We praise the Lord for the hunger of people for answers to defend their faith.

Please continue to pray for this conference for the rest of this week. Today Dr. Voddie Baucham will speak together with Doug Phillips and me (we both spoke last night).


You never know the story behind why someone is visiting the Creation Museum. One of our staff happened to speak to a lady at the ice cream cart—and he found out this fascinating account:

This young lady went to China on a mission trip for one to two weeks in 2000 and afterwards felt she wanted to do more missionary work. She heard about the Adventure Learning Center in the Bahamas and applied there. Eight months later she was accepted, her permit was approved, and she began raising her funds to work with the children of the Bahamas. There she teaches about science and nature to the school-age children (pre-K to 9th grade) as they come for field trips and one day visits.
They teach biblical principles of science, speaking about topics such as the butterfly life cycle and sharing the gospel message with them before they leave. They also have a planetarium there for the children, as well as hands on with animals and summer camps which are going on now.
She is on her way home to raise more support to go back, as she loves working with the children. The resorts are just a small part of the islands. It is expensive to live there—with over half her support going to rent, high prices (like $6.00/gallon for gasoline), and expensive food items with almost all products having to be imported. Coming back to the states, it was eye opening to realize how much we have here compared to people in the Bahamas and the rest of the world. She said it also made her realize how little we really need to live on and how often God meets our needs in even the smallest ways.
Her flight home was to take her from the Bahamas to a brief stop in Orlando then on to Cincinnati before catching the last leg home to Oklahoma—with a short drive to Texas. Here at Cincinnati, she realized she had a 12 hour layover and nothing to do. She asked at the counter, and they directed her to the info desk. No one was at the info desk, so she picked up a brochure, thumbed through it, and saw an ad for the Creation Museum. Deciding to come, she grabbed her luggage and went outside to catch a cab to bring her here. The Guest Services staff kept her luggage so she could spend a day enjoying the museum.
Her comments: she thoroughly enjoyed the creation walk and was anxiously waiting for the planetarium show. She commented that the museum is so beautiful and relaxing, and what she thought would be a long wait at the airport God turned into a wonderful day of adventure.
It is thrilling to see how the Lord uses the Creation Museum to reach people we would never have made contact with otherwise. AND WE LOVE RECEIVING ANSWERS MAGAZINE, TOO

A testimony from Colorado:

We planned our vacation this year around your museum. We drove to Kentucky from Colorado and arrived on June 30. We loved most every minute of our tour! You have done an amazing job, and it has been a summer trip our three children can’t stop talking about. Our six year old is especially fascinated with details of the Bible and dinosaurs, so we were excited to bring the two of them together for him—thanks to you and what you have accomplished. The petting zoo really brought out the sparkle in our three year old’s eyes and our 13 year old (8th grader) has solid evidence to back up her claims of how old the earth is when she returns to science class in the Fall!
Thanks again for building the Creation Museum—I don't know when we’ll be able to make the 3700-mile round-trip journey again, but you can bet we’ll be back—even if it’s when we bring our grandchildren!!
God Bless you!
And we love receiving Answers magazine, too!”

I have just had a sneak preview of the next Answers magazine. There are several articles dealing with global warming and associated topics—it is another phenomenal issue! Join 70,000 others and get Answers—you can subscribe through our website.


Be careful

(Deu 31:1-2)  And Moses went and spake these words unto all Israel. And he said unto them, I am an hundred and twenty years old this day; I can no more go out and come in: also the LORD hath said unto me, Thou shalt not go over this Jordan.

We must be careful, as a momentary loss of temper & dishonor to God brought for Moses his most tragic event that forfeited leading his people into the land.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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