AiG Receives Four Crown Awards

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Special Awards for AiG Video Productions

On Friday night, July 11, AiG was awarded four very special awards for excellence in several of our recent video productions. At their annual conference in Orlando, Florida, the respected ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Association) held a banquet and dinner at which AiG productions received a total of four "Crown" awards for technical and content excellence. I’m so pleased by the level of excellence that God has brought to AiG. Here are the production titles and awards received:

Demolishing Strongholds – 2008 Gold Crown Award for “Best Youth Film” Demolishing Strongholds – 2008 Gold Crown Award for “Best Curriculum” The Last Adam – 2008 Gold Crown Award for “Best Short Film” (under 20 minutes) Flood Geology – 2008 Bronze Crown Award for “Best Documentary Under $50,000”

Here are a few photos from the ICVM conference, submitted by AiG vice president Dale Mason.

Three of the four Crown Awards presented to AiG at the 2008 ICVM conference.


ICVM president Chris Rogers (left) with AiG’s VP of marketing & media, Dale Mason. Mr. Rogers has followed the Answers in Genesis ministry for years and was delighted that the ICVM membership—which includes hundreds of Christian video producers and distributors from around the world—voted AiG productions as Crown award winners.


Dale Mason (right) with Clement Lee and Germaine Tham of Hope Mission (Singapore). Hope Mission is excited about the possibility of translating several AiG productions into Mandarin, especially our “Creation Museum Collection” videos.


Congratulations to the AiG Video Department!

We praise the Lord for staff who work hard and ensure whatever they do is unto the Lord.

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