Special Visitors at AiG/Creation Museum

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Almost every week we have some special visitors of note at the AiG offices/Creation Museum.


Dr. Bill Brown, president of Cedarville University, was AiG's devotion speaker yesterday (Tuesday). I have included a photograph of Dr. Brown as he spoke to the AiG staff. You can also listen to his devotion here.


Other Cedarville faculty (and wives) also visited AiG. The entire group then went to the planetarium and the Men in White theater and took a walk through the museum. I have included a photograph of the group:


Left to right: Me and Mark Looy of AiG; then from Cedarville University: Bob & Gail Milliman, Lyn & Bob Rohm, Bill Brown (president), John Gredy, Curtis Cline, and Marvin Sparks (general manager of the school's network of radio stations called the CDR Radio Network).

I have also included a photograph of Dr. Brown and myself taken after staff meeting in the Main Hall.


The Answers . . . with Ken Ham 12-part video series, AiG’s most popular seminar video program, was filmed at Cedarville University a number of years ago.


Three diplomats from the Embassy of France in the U.S. visited the Creation Museum Tuesday afternoon before traveling on to the University of Kentucky (about 90 miles south of us—in Lexington). The three are actually "scientist-diplomats" living in America and, among other things, they work with U.S. firms and universities in joint French/U.S. science and technology ventures.


During staff meeting yesterday, I congratulated the Answers magazine team for the recent EPA awards they received. I have included a photo of one of the awards—a remarkable achievement for a magazine that had only six issues produced!


Another award from the EPA was in the Awards of Excellence category, a merit award for the Answers Update—AiG’s monthly newsletter. Congratulations are in order for graphic designer Diane King. Diane has been with AiG for many years and is responsible for many excellent graphic design projects such as the God’s Design Science Curriculum, the new history curriculum, etc. I have included a scan of this award also.



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