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I am typing this (Sunday morning) just before catching my early flight home from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Last night at the VCY America Radio rally in Wisconsin, people began lining up outside the doors over an hour before they opened. By 6 p.m.—one hour before opening—well over 200 people were already at the doors—then the people poured in. By starting time at 7 p.m., the building caretaker had to lock the doors as they had reached their “fire code” number allowed in.

They put out extra chairs—and many people had to stand for the entire 2-hour program.

At the end of the program (I spoke for nearly 1.5 hours)—people swarmed the book tables, and the two pallets of resources were all but gone (with a number of back orders for items we ran out of) by the end. People also lined up for over an hour to speak to me—giving testimonies of how the AiG ministry had been a blessing to them—wanting books signed, etc. As I find a lot of times these days, I was thrilled to see a large number of young people in the audience. I had many such young people (including quite a number aged 9–12) come up and talk to me and tell me how much AiG has meant to them as they battle in public schools, etc.

Many told me they were going to visit the Creation Museum this summer. (Milwaukee is about a 7–8 hour drive away.) I believe the summer traffic to the Creation Museum may be even more than last year.

This VCY program was heard on many different radio stations (and viewed on the local Christian television station) and the Internet. The organizers told me they know of listeners in New Zealand and Australia who faithfully listen to their monthly VCY rally. I don’t get to speak in New Zealand or Australia these days—but the Lord has ways such as through VCY of getting these vital messages into these countries nonetheless.

I will have some photos of the event on Monday or Tuesday’s blog.


Some of our AiG staff are members of local service clubs in our northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. Last Monday, a businessman involved in a printing and sign business in Florence, Kentucky, approached us and wanted to share an exciting testimony.

His wife is a mentor to two teenage girls in the area who have both had a troubled upbringing. After some time and after witnessing to her a few times, the first teenage girl received the Lord. With the other one, however, the young lady had many questions about the Christian faith and the Bible. They spent quite a bit of time sharing spiritual truths with her, but it was a challenge. Then the couple thought it would be a good idea to take her to our Creation Museum just a few miles away.

That visit occurred 3 weeks ago, and after touring the museum and understanding the nature of God and the nature of the human race, right there in the museum parking lot, this 16-year-old girl repented and prayed to receive Christ as Savior!

We are hearing salvation testimonies more frequently now. I mentioned one several days ago in a blog item about our UK speaking ministry, where I highlighted some of the people in England who had become Christians as God blessed AiG’s outreaches there.


Testimonies like this pour in every week:

I pray all is well with you and your family, sir! I have always been a fan of your radio program “Answers” (heard locally on Moody affiliate WLUJ 89,7FM). However it was not until I visited the Creation Museum on April 6, with my wife and three home schooled kids, that I was able to appreciate not just what you do, but the magnitude, sir!

I was so impressed; we are switching to some of your products to home school, e.g. History of Civilization etc…and also the magazine, which I subscribe to. The latest on the Tower of Babel blew me away! I was already a firm believer but the Museum gave me so much affirmation and materials to defend our 6000 year creation! AMEN.


By the way, the new history curriculum (referred to in the testimony above) has arrived in our warehouse—it is phenomenal. I think we will have a hard time keeping them in stock—they are not just for homeschool and Christian school, but the text itself can be used by a family to just read through. The first volume, Ancient Civilizations & the Bible, goes from Creation to Christ—and it is ardently from a young-earth creationist perspective. What a thrill to see a history book begin in Genesis and take Genesis as literal history—connecting all the dots and walking us through history (and the various civilizations) right through to Christ. I couldn’t put it down as I was reading through the pages. I will tell you more about this publication next week. But get your order in for this unique, powerful, and exciting tool by Diana Waring through the AiG website.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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