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While we were in San Diego earlier this week, Mally and I had a rare privilege and great blessing when our friends Tom and Cheryl took us to Mexico for a few hours to see the business they constructed there as a gospel outreach to people in Mexico. These friends are ardent creationists and everyone in their business in the USA as well as Mexico have no doubts about their love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I cannot begin to even explain what we experienced—but here is just a little for you to get a sense of the incredible blessing we received as we visited this place in Mexico (photos accompany each explanation below):

1. The building was constructed to be approximately the length and height of Noah’s Ark. It is twice the width of the Ark.


2. As you walk down the path to the front door, there is a plaque reading “Path of Grace”


3. On the left side of the “Path of Grace” is a fossil exhibit reminding of the judgment of the Flood. On the right side is a sculpture representing fire—reminding of the judgment by fire to come.

100-1126_img.JPG 100-1127_img.JPG

4. The plaque on the front of the building acknowledges that the building is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.


5. Tom and his wife Cheryl are standing beside a plaque in the foyer of the building. This plaque gives an explanation of the Flood. Standing beside the plaque is an enormous fossil. I have also included a photograph of Mally standing beside the same fossil.

100-1144_img.JPG 100-1140_img.JPG 100-1137_img.JPG

6. There are plaques with Bible verses all through the building. I have included a photograph of the lunch room with some of the plaques around the walls.


7. I have also included a unique photo of Mally and I with our hairnets on as we visited this research operation.


8. The child care facility in the building honors the Lord Jesus Christ. Children and adults are taught good dietary habits etc—and taught concerning the truth of the Christian faith.


9. All the buildings in the USA for this business are named after the Lord—for instance, the plaque in the picture gives the name of this building, “The Creator the Lamb of God.”


Mally and I were amazed and thrilled with what we saw and experienced. Rarely does one see someone use their business to so clearly honor the Lord in all they do and reach out to staff and customers alike with the gospel. Tom also uses his business to translate gospel materials into different languages; for example, he has a great interest in reaching the people of Japan with the gospel.

Praise the Lord for Tom and Cheryl. What an example they are to others.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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