Creation Evangelism to Counter High Tech Evolution Indoctrination

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Recently, a ministry supporter contacted the Outreach Department asking for some AiG materials to help with his efforts to share the truth of God’s Word with people who were attending the “Walking with Dinosaurs” show in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This 20 million dollar high tech show is currently touring the U.S. and has garnered quite a bit of attention along the way. You can check out their web site by going to Here, you can clearly see once again how the world perpetuates the “million of years” mentality—and does so in a very professional and engaging way.

When contacted, we gladly sent a number of AiG booklets to support this “grassroots” effort to tell people what God’s Word has to say about dinosaurs. As you can read in his follow-up email to us, God used this venue and the AiG materials to plant seeds.

I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided to us in our evangelism efforts at the “Walking with the Dinosaurs” event in Green Bay. We distributed a “ton” of stuff. The distribution was, basically, hassle free. There were some funny looks and grumblings as well as some positive comments. The “What Really happened to the Dinosaurs” (booklet) was a hit! We planted some seeds. We will see if any fruit falls out of our efforts. The schools that participated in our efforts really enjoyed the opportunity. Thanks again! God bless you all!
We are thankful for the opportunity to assist in efforts such as these, and we are pleased that Paul thought of us as a resource. Maybe you could think of ways you could conduct creation evangelism in your area. Also, your financial support throughout the years made it possible for us to participate in this event. Without your partnership, we simply could not have done so. When you consider the message and the professional delivery of the “Walking with Dinosaurs” show, we praise the Lord for the extremely high quality and professional presentations through the Creation Museum that defend biblical authority and proclaim the gospel.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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