Millions Visit AiG Website in 2007

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It was thrilling to see the statistics for AiG’s website for 2007.

9.5 million visits to the website (up 22%) 33 million page views (up 17%)

AiG has a number of new initiatives planned for the website this year—including, the just announced ANSWERS RESEARCH JOURNAL


We were so encouraged to find out that the amount spent on ANSWERS magazine subscriptions and gift subscriptions for 2007 in December alone, was up 93% from last year!!! Answers magazine subscriptions pour in on a daily basis. If you haven’t subscribed yet, I urge you not to miss out on the world’s leading creation/worldview apologetics magazine. And don’t forget the website associated with the magazine where you can get behind the scenes information and more in-depth articles—and of course there is also the KIDS website for children to get more information (and have a lot of fun).


A representative of a different kind of media outlet---internet radio---dropped by the Creation Museum last week. Long-time AiG friend, Dodd J. Morris, director of the “HIS KIDS” network, toured the museum with his family. is an internet radio ministry of Cornerstone University in Michigan, and is a collection of children's Christian programming---both music and teaching---and placed in one spot on the web for children to listen to right on their computer in a safe and edifying manner. It is also heard on regular radio.

Mark and DoddDodd, pictured here on the left with AiG CCO Mark Looy in our Noah’s Cafe, had a wonderful time at the museum with his family. He wrote Mark later that “we made it home to Grand Rapids around 11pm Wednesday, but were very glad to have taken the time to see your beautiful facility. I'm planning to post [an item about the museum] on the blog and talk about our visit early next week on HIS KIDS RADIO/”

Find out more about his children’s ministry at

One of the programs featured on happens to be “We Kids with Mr. Nick.” It just so happens that Mr. Nick worked at the same radio network as Mark back in the late ‘70s in California. Find out more about Mr. Nick’s children’s program at  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying Ken

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