$2.1 Million in Evolutionary Indoctrination at the Grand Canyon

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Evolutionists are becoming more aggressive as more and more people are educated in creation apologetics (e.g., through the Creation Museum and AiG). A recent news release tells of a $2.1 million grant to even further indoctrinate the 5 million visitors a year at the Grand Canyon. The news release states:

“An interpretive walking timeline trail that focuses on Grand Canyon vistas and rocks is being created with the help of scientists at the University of New Mexico, the National Park Service and a $2.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation. This ‘Trail of Time’ will help visitors explore, ponder and understand the magnitude of geologic time and its stories encoded by Grand Canyon rock layers and landscapes. Professors Karl Karlstrom and Laura Crossey in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department in the College of Arts and Sciences are working on the planning and installation of the exhibit along the South rim of the Grand Canyon. The trail would be the world’s largest geo-science education exhibit at one of the world’s grandest geologic landscapes.
“‘Until recently, very little geologic information was presented to visitors at the Grand Canyon National Park. Things are changing with the recent opening of a restored geology museum at Yavapai Observation Station,’ said Karlstrom. ‘The Grand Canyon National Park has about five million visitors every year, and through the Trail of Time exhibit, we are making a major effort to perhaps catch people at the moment where they are impressed with the scenery and help them understand more about how the landscape was shaped by geologic events.’”
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Many of you will remember the controversy over creationist Tom Vail’s book, Grand Canyon A Different View that was being sold in the Grand Canyon bookstore—and evolutionists tried to get it removed (in fact, the controversy continues, and the book continues to sell!).

The evolutionary establishment are certainly worried—just makes me more zealous than ever to expand the Creation Museum and disseminate creation/gospel/worldview information more widely than ever.

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