Authors of New Race and Racism Book to Speak at Museum

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Recently, Master Books (the world’s leading publisher of creation-related books) published a brand new book entitled: Darwin's Plantation—Evoution’s Racist Roots, co-authored by Dr. Charles Ware and me.

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Master Books explains the book this way:

  • Uncover the tragic legacy of Darwin’s controversial theories and the terrible consequences of evolutionary theory taken to its deadliest extreme
  • Nazi Germany used evolutionary concepts to justify the extermination of “unfit” people groups such as the Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs
  • Discover the origin of people groups (there is only one race), the genetics of skin color, and biblical truths on “interracial” marriage
  • Explore an eye-opening discussion on racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions
This is an incredibly powerful book. It totally replaces the old and now somewhat outdated One Blood book that has filled the gap on this issue of “races” and racism until now. This new book takes these issues to a higher level and is much more powerful. We believe it will have a tremendous impact. Editor/writer Todd Hillard took all the material from Dr. Ware and me and made this into a superb reading experience.


On January 21, Martin Luther King Day, I will be speaking at the Creation Museum on the subject “What is the origin of the ‘races’ and the biblical answer to racism?” When you come, you will also have an opportunity to have your copy of Darwin’s Plantation signed by me in the Dragon Hall bookstore following my presentation. Dr. Charles Ware of Crossroads Bible College co-authored this important work with me. He is president of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis; a popular and very powerful and dynamic speaker, author, and recognized leader in multicultural ministry and biblical racial reconciliation. He has received numerous honors for his work in cross-cultural initiatives promoting Christian cooperation and service.


Dr. Ware will personally join me in speaking on the subject of racism at the Creation Museum February 13 and 14. Dr. Ware is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard. I URGE you to set aside one of these dates to come and hear Dr. Ware speak on this subject—you will never be the same again. A book signing will also follow these speaking events as well. You can find out more details from the Creation Museum website.

You can obtain a copy of Darwin’s Plantation from the AiG web bookstore.

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