AiG Honored for Financial Integrity

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AiG’s publicist (A Larry Ross) sent out this media release on Friday. I would recommend you read the article on AiG’s website concerning this exciting piece of news.

Supporter Can “Keep Chugging Along”

To go with the above news about being a Shining Light—I thought it would be good to include a testimony today as a result of AiG shining the light of the gospel and the authority of God’s Word into the world:

Since I found AiG I have had the most wonderful encouragement to keep chugging along. I know many believers who are in the dark because of the erroneous teaching in their churches, as I was. I shudder at my long-term stupidity, especially since the truth was right there on the first page of my Bible, in black and white. I thank God for his Grace which lead me to your ministry and for every time I read anything real science says that glorifies our Creator. I thank Him for the knowledge that our hopes by means of the Holy Spirit and In Christ are not in vain. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge with us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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