European Assembly Attacks Creation

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The European Assembly (a very influential body in Europe that we’ve reported on before) recently released a document that is a scathing attack on creation/creationists. In many ways, as is sadly expected from such a group, it totally misrepresents the creation movement and the creation message. Keep in mind that what they want taught to students is that all life, including humans, can be explained by natural processes—this is the RELIGION of atheism (which is the predominant religion across Europe today). Here are just a few of the points from their document:

2. For some people the Creation, as a matter of religious belief, gives a meaning to life. Nevertheless, the Parliamentary Assembly is worried about the possible ill-effects of the spread of creationist ideas within our education systems and about the consequences for our democracies. If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights which are a key concern of the Council of Europe.
3. Creationism, born of the denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, was for a long time an almost exclusively American phenomenon. Today creationist ideas are tending to find their way into Europe and their spread is affecting quite a few Council of Europe member states.
4. The prime target of present-day creationists, most of whom are Christian or Muslim, is education. Creationists are bent on ensuring that their ideas are included in the school science syllabus. Creationism cannot, however, lay claim to being a scientific discipline.
5. Creationists question the scientific character of certain items of knowledge and argue that the theory of evolution is only one interpretation among others. They accuse scientists of not providing enough evidence to establish the theory of evolution as scientifically valid. On the contrary, they defend their own statements as scientific. None of this stands up to objective analysis.
6. We are witnessing a growth of modes of thought which challenge established knowledge about nature, evolution, our origins and our place in the universe.
7. There is a real risk of a serious confusion being introduced into our children’s minds between what has to do with convictions, beliefs, ideals of all sorts and what has to do with science. An “all things are equal” attitude may seem appealing and tolerant, but is in fact dangerous.
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Yesterday, over 3500 people visited the Creation Museum. Visitors from across the country and around the world continue to pour in each day. We’ve even seen and met a number of well known evolutionists, secular college professors, secular museum leaders and others who are coming to see what has been done at this facility. We also continue to receive many secular and Christian media requests as well as seeing secular media visiting each week (sometimes quite a number per week).

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