Green eggs and Ham

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Obviously with apologies to Dr. Seuss, an article on about AiG and the Creation Museum made me smile, and I thought I would include the first few lines and suggest you read the rest of the article. I appreciated the fact that the author of the article understands and applauds AiG’s stand on presuppositional apologetics.

“I do not like green eggs. But, I love Ken Ham, I do. I do not like green eggs here or there. But, I love Ken Ham anywhere! I do not like green eggs in a box, with a fox, In a house, with a mouse. Green eggs make me sick just to see 'em. But, I love Ken Ham and his (His) museum!

“I love Ken Ham – president of the Answers In Genesis ministry – because he's a Christian with a brain and he has the guts to defend the faith. I also love him because he drives the God-haters nuts – or I should say he drives them even nuttier.”

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Why is Answers magazine falling apart?

Here is what one reader told us:
“I appreciate your magazine so much. The Magazine about Noah's Ark and the Worldwide flood was remarkably well done and full of information. In fact the magazine has been passed around, read and reread so much that it is falling apart. I posted the posters about the continental drift and the new view of Noah's Ark on the wall of my Sunday School class. The most recent magazine about the public school system reaffirmed my beliefs and renewed my zeal to minister in my High School Sunday School class. I get so excited to see a new Answers Magazine in the mail. Thank you for such a wonderfully well done magazine to share.”
Answers magazine continues to get rave reviews. Each issue is themed and becomes a collector item in itself. Don’t miss out on the world’s leading creation/worldview publication that reaches ALL ages! Don’t forget that you don’t just get the magazine, but a special website packed with extra information. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then I urge you to do so and not miss out on the next phenomenal issue (I know what is coming and I can’t wait).

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