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In a typical piece by columnist Andrew Kantor, who obviously has no scientific, logical, or rational arguments to defend his mocking and scoffing attitude towards the Creation Museum (and as far as we know, has never visited the Creation Museum), he uses words and phrases like:

  • stinking science!
  • national embarrassment
  • "young earth" mythology
  • pretends it's science
  • those dimwits
  • an ever-growing mountain of something at Answers in Genesis, but it's not evidence
  • at best a joke
  • at worst a danger to the children
  • (if they ever go to college, they'll be awfully embarrassed)
Well that’s what you do when you can’t defend something logically and scientifically—and you don’t bother to actually check out the Museum to understand the arguments—you mock, scoff, and hide behind your column. This columnist mocks others who, with integrity as a media person should have, actually reported on the Museum. If Andrew Kantor ever treated others as he treats Christians who believe the bible, he would be howled down for his intolerance of people who believe differently to him. But it seems we live in an era where it is OK to mockingly and scoffingly attack Christians as much as one wants to.


One of the groups who opposed the Creation Museum, and whose supporters stood outside the museum to protest its opening and AiG's belief about creation in Genesis, is the group DefCon. This group supposedly is out to defend the constitution—which plainly talks about not inhibiting the free exercise of religion and defends free speech (the very things DefCon is against in this case!). This group recently conducted and published a poll in which they asked people about the Creation Museum. Probably most (if not all) they polled had not been to the creation Museum, and evangelicals were only a subset of the poll. AiG’s Chief Communication Officer Mark Looy wrote an article for the AiG website about this poll, which I suggest you read. Mark quotes me in the article saying: “‘This DefCon poll should be a wake-up call to Christian leaders who compromise with evolutionary ideas and an old earth,’ Ken Ham said. ‘Such pastors and theologians need to know that secular humanists are using them to advance an anti-Christian agenda.’”

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