University of Cincinnati responds to the Creation Museum

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It is amazing to see the evolutionists running scared.  With all the secular museums presenting evolution as fact, and for all the public schools and secular colleges (and certain Christian Colleges) presenting evolution as fact, the secular world is extremely worried about the Creation Museum.

For instance:

UC [University of Cincinnati] Offers Evolution Resources for Educators
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati offer teacher workshops and volunteer to speak at schools about the evidence of evolution...UC researchers are volunteering to go to local area schools and groups to further evolution education. SPEEC (Scientists Promoting Evolution Education in Cincinnati) “Several of us have already been doing this informally in the schools our children attend,” says SPEEC coordinator Bruce Jayne, a professor in UC’s Department of Biological Sciences. “The rationale for our group is simple. When you need help or information in a specialized area, then you should be able contact someone who is an expert in that area. For example, people can go to a dentist for a toothache or to a mechanic when something is wrong with their car. Thus, why not communicate with scientists specializing in evolution when questions arise on this topic?
The three-fold purpose of SPEEC is to • visit local K–12 classes to provide engaging experiences and instruction in natural sciences, including biological evolution. • provide assistance and workshops for local K–12 teachers who would like to strengthen their background in evolution. • serve as spokespeople for the local media in order to promote and explain a scientific way of thinking, especially when it involves evolution.
There are many statements in this document about Answers in Genesis, such as:
What I have a problem with is how the Answers in Genesis movement twists science — repeatedly taking facts out of context — in order to misrepresent what we scientists do and say. I doubt they do it with deliberate intent to mislead, but leading creation scientists do it unambiguously and quite assiduously in newsletters, blogs and even books. And given the importance of education in general — critical thinking and handling of complex information in a changing world — creation scientists cannot have a directly positive effect on folks' understanding of science or their skill in handling and critiquing information and messages coming from various sources of authority, whether its the science lab or the pulpit.
There is much more you all should read in this document from the University of Cincinnati—but one thing is for sure, they recognize the Creation Museum opening has made a statement to the world that Christians are taking on the secularists at the foundational part of the battle.

Mally and I arrived home from Wisconsin today.  We praise the Lord for the phenomenal responses.

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