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I must admit I had to smile (though it is sad) at a blog entry on a web site that claims “Scientific Blogging; The World’s Best Scientists; The Internet’s Smartest Readers.” The blog entry concerning the Creation Museum stated:

My opinion: I think the people who built this museum are smoking a bit too much ‘green herb’.
The blogger stated this after writing a report on the Creation Museum. I’ve reprinted the report below with my comments in bold:
A new museum in Petersburg, Kentucky greets visitors with a 20ft tall tumbling waterfall and at its base, mannequins of frolicking children play amongst dinosaurs. [There are two animatronic young T. rex dinosaurs and two animatronic children in the waterfall exhibit. The animatronic girl is feeding a squirrel, and the animatronic boy is stirring a stick in a pond. The two animatronic T. rex dinosaurs are near the children but looking in the other direction.] The Creation Museum, which cost $25 million to build, is home to many unusual sites: a diorama of ancient people overshadowed by a towering T. rex, Adam and Eve swimming in a river with giant reptiles, [This is all news to me! We do have Adam and Eve in a waterfall exhibit—but there are no giant reptiles in this exhibit. I have no idea where this person got the idea of an exhibit of ancient people overshadowed by a towering T. rex. There is a full scale model T. rex dinosaur in our dinosaur exhibit, but there are no models of people in this exhibit.] and even a scale model of Noah's Ark.

It seems Noah solved the problem of fitting dinosaurs into his vessel by only taking baby dinosaurs. [We have never said (nor do we say at the Museum) that Noah took baby dinosaurs on the Ark. The majority of dinosaurs were not that big, the average size being that of a sheep. However, for the large Dinosaurs, we do say Noah could have taken young adults on board.] Indeed, the ark has a detailed display of many animals happily boarding the boat: dinosaurs cavort with giraffes, penguins, hippos, and bears. [We do have a diorama of Noah’s Ark and animals—but this description given here is actually inaccurate.]

Museum guides tell visitors that before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise all of the dinosaurs were peaceful plant-eaters. [We don’t have Museum guides (only guest relations personnel )—the Museum is set up for self guided tours. Through the Museum, people will learn that all animals ate plants before sin.]

In Genesis 1:30 God gives ‘green herb’ to every creature to eat and so there were no predators. When a curious museum visitor asks, why exactly T. rex had six-inch long serrated teeth, the guides go on to explain that T. rex used his big teeth to open coconuts. [This is a new one! I’ve never heard of anyone at AiG saying T. rex ate coconuts. However, maybe Sarda is right!!! As I stated, there are no guides at the Museum. People will learn that all animals, including the T. rex dinosaurs ate plants originally—which means, all sorts of plants/fruits, etc.] Apparently it was only after Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of paradise that the dinosaurs started to eat flesh.

My opinion: I think the people who built this museum are smoking a bit too much ‘green herb’.

[My opinion: I think the “world’s best scientists” and the “internet’s smartest readers” (as claimed on this website) should demand a high degree of accuracy if anyone is to take them seriously. The blogger who writes on this site is Sarda Sahney—she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Bristol studying macroevolution, with a focus on the evolution of vertebrate communities. Sarda—you need to come and visit the Creation Museum and see for yourself—and I would also counsel you to do better research!]

The blog post can be found at http://www.scientificblogging.com/fish_feet/t_rex_ate_coconuts

And No Sadra, we don’t smoke anything at the Creation Museum!

I had two media interviews today (two video teams visited AiG). I have enclosed a photograph of the pergola under construction and another of the new guest relations staff for the Museum as they toured the building.

new-staff-tour-5-7-07-006.jpg purgola-built-lj-5-7-07-014.jpg

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