Where is Ken Ham?

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Guest blog--Rod Martin, Senior Director of New Media.

It seems that you can hear Ken Ham just about anywhere these days. "Answers with Ken Ham", our daily radio broadcast is heard on over 900 stations worldwide, and of course, on this blog in podcast format. For a complete listing of stations, go to AnswersRadio.com

We get a lot of feedback from all over the world about the radio program and ministry in general.

Just wanted to see if I could pass a message onto Ken Ham. I got the chance to ask him a question on the BBC radio program he was on on Wednesday in the UK and my husband (who is more eloquent than me) asked the last question in the segment. I just wanted to say that the little we heard from Ken (we couldn't get the channel on the radio) was very impressive and we hope that there were more supportive comments. I think it is important to support people who are prepared to stand up and argue for the Bible and The Truth therein.

M.M. Isle of Lewis, UK

Feedback comes in many forms--some positive, some negative. To read some of the feedback we get, and our response to it, take a look at our Friday feedback page.

For those who have asked, "Where is Ken Ham?"... don't worry--he'll be back blogging later next week.

God bless and thanks for praying,


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