Ken Ham trying to "scare people"?

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Today’s Cincinnati Post newspaper had a column (actually more of an editorial) by reporter Kevin Eigelbach that began:

Lighten up on the scare letters--God bless the people at Answers in Genesis. They keep sending me things to write about. Last month, the Boone County-based apologists for the view that God created the world 6,000 years ago sent me a scare letter. The author, Answers in Genesis President and CEO Ken Ham, was trying to scare people into donating money. I mean, he was making an appeal for funds.

Kevin came in to interview me recently. His main arguments against Christianity, from what he asked me and what I’ve seen him write in the paper are:

  • [supposedly] there are many contradictions in the Bible
  • how can there be a God of love with all the death and suffering?

Whenever he gets a chance, Kevin likes to attack AiG and our stand on the authority of the Word of God. We believe Kevin knows that if what we are saying concerning God’s Word is true, then his worldview is wrong! As the Creation Museum opening gets closer, I’m sure we’ll read a lot more from this reporter. You can read his editorial at the following link. For those who get our monthly letter, compare it to Kevin’s letter to see his very interesting interpretation of what was actually said! And—let’s all pray for Kevin that the Lord will open his heart to the truth of His Word.

The Cincinnati Post---Lighten up on the scare letters


Today’s CBN website had an article on the Creation Museum—based on the AP report and an interview conducted with me on Wednesday. By the way, whenever you read news reports about AiG or the Creation Museum, don’t assume everything attributed to AiG or its personnel are totally correct. For instance, in this article we read:

Ham explained his goal is to refute a commonly held scientific point of view taught around the world. He said the burden to tell the truth was placed on his heart years ago when he was a high school teacher in Australia where evolution was taught.

I certainly wouldn’t refer to evolution and millions of years as "a commonly held scientific point of view." These are certainly commonly held beliefs taught around the world—but they are NOT confirmed by observational science. Also this article (like the AP one) said that AiG is a "Christian Publishing Company." Well, we do some publishing (but Master Books publishes most of our books)—we are a ministry involving many facets such as the museum, internet, seminars, curricula, radio, video production, etc.

But we are appreciative that CBN featured the Creation Museum. You can read the entire article at:


Dr. Tommy Mitchell of Answers in Genesis is one of the featured speakers at the Hmong Alliance Youth Conference meeting this week in Warrensburg, Missouri. Over three thousand college, high school and junior-high young people from as far away as Alaska and Florida are attending the four-day conference sponsored by the Hmong Alliance Youth. The Hmong Christians historically have a culture that was eager to hear of the Creator God, and conferences such as this seek to maintain Christian zeal in this later generation.

Dr. Mitchell’s first two sessions have been enthusiastically received, being attended by approximately 2,000 each day. Monday he spoke on “Why Genesis Matters,” and Tuesday he presented “Jurassic Prank: A Dinosaur Tale.” Many pastors and young people have stopped by to ask questions throughout the afternoons, and they look forward to an expanded version of “Noah’s Ark and the Flood,” a.k.a. “Everything Else Answers in Genesis Can Address in One Hour” tomorrow. Friday will conclude with “Stem Cells, Cloning, and the Big Bang.” These Christian young people have a desire to witness effectively by having answers to hard questions, and Answers in Genesis is delighted to have a part in equipping them to stand unapologetically on the Word of God.


Today a large stock photo company contacted us to have a photographer being regularly taking photos of the Creation Museum. The demand for stock photos of the museum (from various places, including the secular media) has become so great, they wanted to begin building up a stock photo library of the museum. The photographer arrived this afternoon and will come back on a regular basis.

My photo of the day shows a group of us walking through what will become the "Palm Plaza" area—we are looking at some of the tools that will be used in the Noah’s Ark Exhibit.


Well—thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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