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The AiG staff today had a very special, unique opportunity to hear ex-radical Muslim Dr. Daniel Shayesteh give his testimony of how he, as a member of the revolutionary army in Iran, became a Bible-believing Christian. The office staff was "buzzing" throughout the day, and many told me it was one of the most powerful and touching presentations they have ever heard. Daniel has a ministry called "Exodus From Darkness"—you can find out more at: Exodus from Darkness Ministries.

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I have included some photos of Daniel together with Rob and Gena (AiG supporters), who kindly brought him from Columbus early this morning for AiG’s 8:30 am special chapel. I also had Daniel photographed with one of AiG’s security guards and one of our new dogs as part of AiG’s K9 security.

You won’t want to miss Daniel’s presentation—your can listen to it at: AiG staff chapel.

I do have many other items to share with you on my blog, but because of the importance of Daniel’s message, I wanted to limit my blog entry today to this special chapel and strongly encourage you to listen to his phenomenal message.

Pray for Daniel and his ministry.

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