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Today I flew to Denver to join the Master Books / New Leaf Press team at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention. This is the largest such convention in the world---buyers from all over the world come to view and purchase the latest resources in the Christian publishing world.

I am here for the release of Genesis of a Legacy and My Creation Bible. I have enclosed some photos of the Master Books / New Leaf Press exhibit showing these items. Two of the photographs of the Genesis of a Legacy display show me with Tim Dudley, president of Master Books / New Leaf Press. Tim is also a board member of AiG. I have also enclosed a photograph of the poster advertising my book signing on Tuesday. Master Books will be giving away copies of these two books and I will be signing them.

I was also interviewed about the books for a TV program. Make sure you listen to the phone blog I left from the CBA convention.

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Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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