Pterodactyl "flying" at AiG

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An animatronic pterodactyl sculpted and engineered totally by AiG Creation Museum staff was raised today to "guard" the entrance to the new Creation Museum bookstore. The pterodactyl head will turn from side to side and its mouth (beak) will open and close. I’ve attached some photographs taken today. Praise the Lord of the creative staff at AiG.


It was thrilling today to receive a copy of the just-published Genesis of a Legacy curriculum that is based on the soon-to-be-released book of the same title. This is a parenting curriculum like no other on the market. My brother Stephen and I wrote the book based upon the upbringing by our godly parents. There is also a DVD series where both Steve and I give talks to go with the curriculum. To read more about these exciting new products, go to our online bookstore.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for praying.


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