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I thought you would like to see more photos from the Behind the Scenes day at AiG this past Friday:

  1. David Jolly (Creation Museum research) pictured with David Holly, the gentleman who turned 80 years old and requested a visit to AiG for the Behind the Scenes program as his 80th birthday present.
  2. Young children are fascinated by dinosaurs!
  3. The lobby was busy all day!
  4. The bookstore was busy all day, too.
  5. A picnic lunch in the grounds of AiG.


Agape Press had a news report from the Associated Press about a lawsuit over prayer at graduation:

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit to stop officials at a Louisville, Kentucky, high school from saying a prayer during this week's graduation ceremony. The organization filed the suit on behalf of an unidentified Russell County High School senior. An ACLU attorney says the student "doesn't feel he should be forced to sit through prayer," but the principal refused to guarantee that nobody would pray at Friday's ceremony” (From Agape Press based on an AP report).


As today's front page article on the AiG website points out, News Busters has this shocking report on Ian McKellen's comments regarding the Bible (make sure you click on the link to watch the short video clip):

If The Da Vinci Code was already feeding the flames of controversy with its challenge to the basic tenets of Christianity, actor Ian McKellen managed to pour a refinery tank's worth of gasoline on the fire on this morning's Today show, asserting that the Bible should carry a disclaimer saying that it is "fiction."

Be sure to read today's front page article on the AiG website entitled "The Da Vinci Code … the movie, the myth and what to do about it" by Rod Martin. Rod went and saw the movie last night and offers a different perspective on a what you as a Christian might do about the book and the movie.


Christianity Today quoted me as saying,

"What good is it if people believe in intelligence? That's no different than atheism in that if it's not the God of the Bible, it's not Jesus Christ, it's not salvation." [--]Ken Ham, president of the creationist group Answers in Genesis, criticizing Intelligent Design as weakening scriptural authority.

For the entire page of quotes, link to Christianity Today Online.

In the context of the entire interview I had with a CT reporter, I was explaining that for a Christian, the ID message does not introduce one to the true creator (the infinite intelligence), and that if someone was converted to just believe in an intelligent designer, the final end of such a person is no different than an atheist if this person has not received the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. In other words, just believing in an intelligence behind the universe won’t get one to heaven! You must be born again!

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