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While in the UK recently, Mally and I visited the Natural History Museum in London (see photograph). As I stood and looked at this beautiful building---that today would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build---I was rather jealous in a way. I thought, "Lord, why can't AiG have a building like this to proclaim the truth about creation?" But then I realized that even though the Creation Museum is nowhere near as big as this massive structure in London, the message inside the Creation Museum is making news around the world. I smiled, and thought to myself, "Think about it---the creation message is so powerful, that even with the building (as beautiful and professional as it is) the Lord has entrusted to AiG, this message is contributing to shaking the foundations of secular humanism in the USA and around the world. What a powerful message we have. We are standing against the massive secular establishment, and we're making an impact! Just think what will happen when the Creation Museum opens." Yes, we are a part of the narrow way as opposed to the broad way—but with God on our side, we are a "majority." Please continue to pray for the construction of the Creation Museum—less than a year till it opens!


In my blog yesterday, I informed you that AiG speaker Mike Riddle was going to be speaking in a public school in Missouri. This made news across the nation. As one news source stated:

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State sent a letter to the Potosi school district Friday, saying Riddle's presentations would violate the Constitution and demanding a cancellation of today's program.
I understand that the superintendent of the district stood firm and the speaking engagements went ahead. I am looking forward to hearing a report from Mike about all that happened. You can read more at this link: St Louis Today.


It is exciting to receive emails like the following:

Just read article "Creation in Baghdad" and cried. What a blessing your ministry is to all Christians! My husband and I have began watching the original tape set (we discovered by accident, while looking for Christian movies) again, forgetting how wonderful they were, we intend on watching them to refresh our memory often now!! Thank you so much, your faithful followers IN CHRIST.
Today Mark Looy and I and our radio department spent the morning recording the next 45 of our daily radio programs. On Tuesday, I am being recorded reading Genesis 1-11—we are making a special CD available of this reading of the first eleven chapters of Genesis next month.

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