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At staff meeting this morning (Thursday), Dr. David Crandall, director of AiG Worldwide, gave a report on his recent trip to Israel and other places. See the attached photograph of Dr. Crandall, and one of his slides of the extraordinary place called "Petra."

Dr. Crandall’s report was fascinating and stimulating. None of us are ever the same after hearing David’s dynamic messages—and this morning’s message was no exception. You can hear his report at this audio link (mp3).

Today I spent time with our scriptwriters and other reviewers going over two of the many scripts to be used in the Creation Museum. We spent a lot of time on the Consummation Theater (this is so important as it presents the gospel at the climax of the major portion of the museum). We also reviewed the "Dragon Legends" script. Some of our team will actually be in England at a restored castle to video sections for this exciting script.

The staff has Good Friday off. Let us all remember the fact that our Creator stepped into history to become one of us, so He could die and be raised and offer us the free gift of salvation. Have a blessed Easter.

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