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This morning, another four 30-minute programs were recorded for the Ankerberg television program. I have included a photograph of the four debaters; from left to right: Dr. Jason Lisle and me (from AiG), moderator John Ankerburg, Dr. Hugh Ross (Reasons to Believe), and Dr. Walter Kaiser (President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). We recorded nine 30-minute debate programs—it was hard and exhausting work!

It was another lively interaction---and vehement (though polite and respectful) disagreements arose over just about every issue we discussed regarding the book of Genesis. Over the two days, Jason and I did our best to defend:

  • six literal days of creation
  • no death of animals (or man) before sin
  • a global (covering the WHOLE earth) flood in Noah's Day
  • no gaps in the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11
  • a young earth/universe (approx 6000 years old)
Dr. Kaiser and Dr. Ross opposed the positions we defended and held to:
  • days of creation were not ordinary days
  • there was death before sin
  • the Flood acccount in Genesis 6–9 did not speak of a global event
  • there are major gaps in the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11
  • the universe is old (billions of years)
As you can imagine, it was a draining two days---but everyone was respectful of each other.

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