The Lollipop Affair

by Ken Ham on December 15, 2005

[Editor's note: Ken wrote this blog entry before he left on vacation]

You may recall from a previous blog entry about a special event that occurred at AiG’s Christmas Party last week. There was a competition where four divisions used their creativity to gift-wrap one of their colleagues. The three judges (I was one of them) declared that the “snowman” constructed by the Outreach Divison was the winner.

The Museum Division used their very talented artists to produce a lollipop. It was extremely high quality, but two out of three of the judges (Mike Zovath, who heads up the Museum Division, showed his bias) chose the snowman (made of chicken wire and white paper).

The day after the Christmas party, I found a lollipop taped on my office door. Someone had used a black felt pen to put a growling face on the lollipop. Of course, I immediately handed this obvious “threat” to our head of security! He then sent the following email out to the staff:

Dear staff,

An item was taped to the door of our CEO, Ken Ham, this morning.

Through highly advanced investigation techniques we have determined that this was left by a disturbed individual who resents the fact that the Museum Team lost the “wrapping contest” at last night’s AiG Christmas Party.

We are interrogating the lollipop now and expect to have a full confession by day’s end. If you have any information or leads to help in this investigation please contact me in confidence.

Director of Security

I love the fact that at AiG, the staff is like one big family, and as well as all the hard work we do, there are times we can let our hair down and have some fun. The lollipop saga provided many laughs for us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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