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Over the past few years, the Lord has enabled AiG to develop a close relationship with the publishers of what has become the number one homeschool magazine in the USA. The publishers, Paul and Gena Suarez, have become close and dear friends of ours. We were so excited to learn recently that they decided to move their operation from the West Coast to the Knoxville area, which is only a 4.5-hour drive south of AiG.

Paul and Gena blessed us with a visit this week. They attended our annual Christmas party, and then visited our offices on Wednesday morning. After Don Landis brought us his special Christmas devotion, we had Paul say a few words to the staff about their ministry.

You can find out more about their The Old Schoolhouse ministry by visiting their website and their homeschool blog site.

Paul and Gena usually include an article in The Old Schoolhouse from AiG and news items such as the progress of the Creation Museum. If you don’t get their magazine, I would encourage you to do so—it's a must!

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