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As part of the prepartion of the nature trails around the lake at the Creation Museum, trees were placed in the water near where the floating bridge will be, so that turtles would come out of the water. Within a very short time on the same day the trees were placed in the water, the turtles began coming out onto the logs. This will be one of the stops on the nature trail for a teaching session. The enclosed two photographs show one of the logs and one of AiG's soon to be famous turtles! (they will be famous because thousands of people will eventually see them and learn about their design etc). ISRAEL TALK

On Thursday morning I gave an informal report to the staff on my recent Israel trip. You can see the slides and hear what I said by going to Thursday's (yesterday's) Blog entry (scroll down a little).


I spoke to around 60 people at a bi-monthly Christian Leaders luncheon today. It is great to hear feedback from enthusiastic pastors and other Christian leaders concerning the Creation Museum.


We are all saddened to see the destruction, loss of life and hardship resulting from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Our friends at Gospel Literature Services (GLS) have started a Gulf Coast Emergency Fund--if any of you want to donate towards helping victims of this terrible tragedy, then I would encourage you to consider GLS--this is a Christian organization that AiG works with for Christian Literature distribution--they not only help people physically but spiritually also.

While watching the Fox News channel about the effects of Hurricane Katrina this morning, on two occasions I heard two different people say that what happened in New Orleans (the flooding) was of Biblical proportions! Well what happened to New Orleans is just a local Flood--and really it was fairly tranquil in the sense that water poured into the city slowly filling up the 'bowl' the city sits in. The Flood recorded in Genesis in the Bible was a GLOBAL catastrophic event that destroyed everything over the earth! The flood in New Orleans is not even close to being of "Biblical proportions"--but look at the terrible damage from a hurricane and and resulting flooding--this was a local catastrophe--it makes one begin to realize how devastating the Global Flood as recorded in Genesis really was.

Well, we have a three day weekend coming up with the Labor Day holiday on Monday. I hope to catch up on a lot of writing I need to do over the next three days (a news letter article, the family book, radio programs and other projects I need to finish).

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