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On Tuesday, my wife Mally and my brother Stephen and his wife Trish traveled up to stay a night with Buddy and Kay Davis. We love taking our friends and close relatives to Buddy and Kay's quaint cabin in the woods in Ohio--in Amish country.

On Wednesday, we traveled to the heart of Amish country--there was an auction and so there were Amish buggys everywhere--we've never seen so many Amish out and about. This was the first time Stephen's wife has visited America, so it was a unique opportunity for them. We also saw quite a number of Amish farmers ploughing fields using their horse teams. It was quite a day.

I have enclosed a photograph of Buddy, Kay, Mally, Stephen and Trish on the steps of Buddy and Kay's cabin. Also a photograph of Stephen and Trish in an Amish buggy.


I have also enclosed a photograph showing both Stegosaurs at the entrance to AiG. The gates and fence should be completed soon.


AiG was mentioned in the following Media:

1. Family News and Focus Family Focus Article

2. Indianapolis Star Newspaper--it's interesting that AiG gets a small mention towards the end--but this sort of thing happens a lot, which means AiG's name is well known: Indy Star Article


On Thursday, Mally and I and Mark Looy are taking Stephen and Trish to Washington DC. As well has having a tour of the White House, we will be visiting the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and some of the monuments etc. Such visits always give me ideas and information for use in my talks.

Stephen and Trish fly back to Australia on Friday. It was as short visit--the main reason was to videotape Stephen's three talks on the family. That went very well, and we're glad to be able to spend even a little time together.

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