The Second Stegosaur and Buddy Davis

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The second Stegosaur has now been installed on the front gate—I have enclosed a photograph showing how it was taken on its journey from AiG's metal shop to its final resting place.


Work is proceeding nicely (though it is very tedious) on modifying the Café to its final Noah's Ark Theme. The photograph shows staff members working on the new ceiling.


Mally and I and Stephen and Trish (my brother and his wife) spent Tuesday evening with Buddy and Kay Davis. We were able to have one last look at the phenomenal 40ft long Sauropod sculpture—one last look because in a few days, a team of experts is coming to make a mould of this enormous sculpture. By doing this they will actually destroy the Sculpture itself, but the end result will be that we can make a cast of this dinosaur in the special material needed so that it can be fitted with animatronics—then it will be given its final place in the Museum Lobby. That will be a great day!

stego024.jpg cafe002.jpg Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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