Another Day in Jackson's Hole, WY

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The AiG--US board of directors and some of the leadership staff met from after breakfast through to 11 pm. There were lots of matters to discuss and pray about. A lot of time was spent talking about the Museum opening date and other details. It was a long and challenging day---but very rewarding. What a godly and visionary board AiG has---how thankful we are for such leadership the Lord has provided for this vital ministry. The attached photo shows the meeting in one of the interesting rooms at Rocky Mountain Lodge.


We had a unique supper tonight. The staff at Rocky Mountain Lodge put on a wild game supper for us. See the photo showing the different meats they cooked for us: Moose, Antelope, Elk, Deer and Bison (also regular beef for the "faint hearted"). I have also included a photo showing part of the very quaint dining room. Notice all the "dead things" hanging in the walls (you should also have noticed this in the room we meet in).


If you want to find out more about what goes on here at Rocky Mountain Lodge:

1. For the Bible College, 2. For the Christian Camp Ministry:


Next year, Answers in Genesis will run it's first ever SCIENCE CAMP for teens at Rocky Mountain Lodge. Not only will the participants receive great creation teaching in all areas, but also opportunities to study the stars with our resident astronomer Dr. Jason Lisle (special nighttime programs viewing the stars through telescopes), geology excursions to Yellowstone, etc. AiG will be advertising this camp later in the year. We'll publish the details in our newsletter---make sure you're getting our newsletter to keep up to date with the ministry and all our events. (Sign up here)


We hope to finish up all of our discussions/business tomorrow evening so we can attend a program at the BAR J ranch (a Western program)---a much needed time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the food, humor and singing.

Thanks for stopping by and please ... keep praying.


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