From Kentucky to Wyoming

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Today Mally and I flew from Kentucky to Wyoming. I will be speaking on Sunday at the church pastored by our Board chairman, Pastor Don Landis. The AiG--USA board fly in over the weekend for four days of meetings next week.

I thought I would show you a picture of the Museum that was taken in Kentucky this morning---and then a picture of the Tetons taken from where we are staying in Wyoming. There is still snow on the Tetons as you can see.

Mally and I are relishing in fellowshipping with our special friends Don and Bev Landis. We are going out for dinner tonight. Don and Bev run a Christian campsite here in Jackson---I'll show you some pictures of that another day and tell you more about what they do here---including the unique Bible College that is a part of their ministry. The photo of the Tetons was taken from their Christian Camp site---just outside the room we are staying in---sorry about making you all jealous! The board meeting will be held on these premises as well.

Please pray for our upcoming board meeting---lots of decisions to make.

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