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What a Day!

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'Willingly Ignorant'

After presenting overwhelming scientific evidence that confirms the Bible's history, I am sometimes asked why is it so many scientists can't see this. Well, 2 Peter 3 tells us that concerning creation and the Flood, people who reject these events are 'willingly ignorant'---they don't want to believe, regardless of the evidence.

I had a classic example of this today. This afternoon I was interviewed about the Creation Museum by ABC radio. The interviewer was not interested in finding out what we believed---nor was he interested in listening to arguments I tried to give. He had an agenda from the start---to mock those who believe the Bible's account of creation. He was 'willingly ignorant.' It was one of the interviews that frustrated me because you couldn't really give proper reasoned answers---he kept changing the topic, or cutting me off, or ridiculing what I said without even understanding (or allowing me to explain it fully)! This was one of those not-so-nice media experiences.

'Strategic Plan'

This morning our consultant spent a couple of hours presenting a detailed strategic plan to our leadership team. This plan has been worked on for many months now. The wealth of data and the exciting possibilities for the future were thrilling to hear about. We will have many more meetings to begin implementing most of the recommendations that will help make the ministry more efficient and also prepare us for what's ahead as AiG continues to expand. More on this later.

'Management Luncheon'

The very talented and gifted management team met today for our monthly luncheon (see photograph). We share information---hear reports (e.g., financial, Museum exhibit construction updates, etc.). I then ended the luncheon with a talk to explain the new series of PowerPoint slides (see picture below) our artist Dan Lietha prepared for me to use at our upcoming Museum fund-raising banquets. I also shared an idea for a bumper sticker and t-shirt that we all believe will popularize the museum and at the same time be a rallying cry for Christians. When we are ready to release all this I'll give you the details---really exciting things are coming!! 'The Press keep coming'

We seem to get calls everyday from secular and Christian media for interviews etc. Not only was I on ABC radio today, but I was called this afternoon to be interviewed by a reporter from a major newspaper in Philadelphia.

Thanks for stopping by and please, keep praying.


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