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Today (Tuesday), Answers in Genesis honored Dr. Duane Gish (from The Institute For Creation Research) for his more than 40 years of involvement in creation evangelism.

At 8:30 am Dr. Gish addressed the AiG staff (see photo). Carl Kerby and I took Duane and Lolly on a tour of the AiG offices and Museum---then lunch in the AiG cafe.

At 4 pm, Carl Kerby interviewed Dr. Gish for a radio program. While Carl was conducting this interview, CDR radio interviewed me about the "living fossil" called the Wollemi Pine tree. At 4:30 pm, CDR radio interviewed Dr. Gish.

We had a special dinner in our café beginning at 5:15 pm as a lead up to our special night where staff and friends of the ministry would listen to a talk given by Dr. Gish.

At 7 pm Mark Looy and I introduced Dr. Gish---I told the audience Dr. Gish was one of my heroes of the faith---Mark Looy explained how when he was a teenager, he was doubting the Bible when Dr. Gish came and spoke, and it changed his life---he understood he could trust God's Word---that's why Mark is in creation ministry today.

After the evening meeting, Mark Looy, Mike Zovath and I (the three "founding fathers" of AiG--USA) together with Carl Kerby (now a staff member, but Carl was a founding board member of AiG--USA) presented Dr. Gish with a special plaque commemorating his more than 40 years in creation evangelism. Our Librarian (Walt) set up a display on the stage behind the lectern of the books Dr. Gish has authored or co-authored.

Duane and Lolly both commented they were "overwhelmed" by what they saw at AiG. They were thrilled at what has happened in this ministry in just 11 years---they want to come back for the opening of the Museum!

Well it was a long day---I couldn't even begin to get to my emails until late---tomorrow we (Mally is coming with me---she doesn't often come with me as we are still homeschooling our youngest daughter) fly to Chicago for the Homeschool conference where I will give 7 lectures (keynotes and workshops).

Oh, and by the way---the waterfall exhibit is now painted and is filled with water---the pumps are turned on and the waterfall is operating. I can't wait until we can put the turtles and fish in---the lobby is becoming more spectacular all the time.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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