A Visit from the Toadvine's and Gish's

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We enjoyed our time with the Toadvine family. They enjoyed seeing the construction of the Museum exhibits---of which they are a part of as they pray and support AiG. Dr. Steve Toadvine told me he attended the Back to Genesis conference in Lexington in 1992 where Dr. Gish and I spoke. Twelve years later (last year), Dr. Toadvine became the chairman of a committee for an Answers in Genesis conference in Corbin, Kentucky. (Corbin is the home of Kentucky Friend Chicken! I remember the Corbin conference well as my two brothers, David and Stephen were over for our daughter Renee's wedding. They came to Corbin with me and I took them to the place where the Colonel first started what became KFC.)

It was very special that Dr. Gish was visiting with us the same night as the Toadvine family. I have included two photos---one of some of our children playing a game with some of the Toadvine children---and one of the Toadvine family with Dr. and Mrs. Gish and Mally and me.


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