The Museum Lobby is Taking Shape

by Ken Ham on April 27, 2005

As soon as I got into work this morning I went into the Lobby to see how things are coming along. I have enclosed pictures for you of the Cyprus trees being constructed in the Lobby this week (they took five months to build at a cost of $133,000!). They trees look so realistic---a phenomenal job. I'll attach a photo of the lobby when the trees are finished early next week. The Lobby is going to be a real feature of the Museum. That's a picture of Mally and me in front of our Triceratops skeleton that will eventually be housed in the bookstore---we've basically decided to feature dinosaurs and dragons in the bookstore. (Click on the pictures to get the full size view)

You can also see the rock work in the pictures. There is a 20 ft high waterfall and three places where people will be able to look through the plexiglass to see live turtles, fish etc. The rock work has to be painted yet---and there will be two animatronic young T-rex dinosaurs sitting on the rock work with two small children (one will have their finger in the water). There is a 40-ft. long animatronic Sauropod dinosaur (that's Buddy Davis working on it) going on the section on the right above the dioramas. A cast will be made of this so an animatronic model can be built. It will be spectacular when it's finished. There will even be some live animals in this area.

There are other dinosaurs that will be sitting above the entrance doors. There will be creatures hanging from the ceiling also. I can't wait to see the Lobby finished---it will be spectacular. We are also talking about placing the big Mastodon skeleton we have outside the entrance doors---that should attract people's attention as they come in!

Today Mark Looy and I recorded 45 radio programs in our studio. What a blessing it is to have a professional studio. Now our radio technicians have to edit all these programs and get them ready to send out to the stations.

Tomorrow morning (fairly early) I leave for Wisconsin. We pray this will be a very well attended seminar. I fly to Minneapolis and then on to La Crosse. The web guys have set it up so the weather shows up for wherever I am ... somedays you'll feel sorry for me ... somedays I'm sure you won't!

I am now starting to think about what to write for the next newsletter article and the monthly letter we send out. It seems like we live, eat and breathe AiG! But then again---what's new?! Our household has been doing that for 30 years!

As always ... thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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