Sunday Night in Tulsa

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This long weekend of ministry was capped with speaking at a church that meets at Oral Roberts University. There were probably a couple of thousand people in attendance.

  • There was lots of positive responses afterwards---the pastor was thrilled and has asked us to come back and do some indepth seminars for them.
  • This church has a Bible Institute which runs courses on creation. There is large creation resources library particularly because of a scientist who is an ardent creationist and uses our material. They really see this issue as vital. It is so encouraging to see people using our materials this way.
  • A man came up at the end of the service and tried to engage me in and endless intellectual debate. I ended up asking him to simply present his best evidence for "evolution"---he didn't give an answer---but came back later and said "I can give you the best evidence". He then said, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I asked what this had to do with things. Well he mumbled something about Jesus saying the same thing that has been found from evolution studies is best for man. Are you confused? I understand!
Well, we get up at 4:00 am to get to the airport on time---back in the office tomorrow morning!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!

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