London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day 10, Saturday


“In London we’re walkin’, in London we’re talkin’, in London Jesus savin’ . . .”

(That’s the beginning of an AiG Olympics 2012 song written and sung by Brian Cannon.)

One hundred faithful servants of God worked with much vigor, determination, and prayer during the last ten days. On Saturday, our last day of full time ministry, over 11,000 booklets were distributed and several hundred people were talked to about the Lord. The day included one of our team members being interviewed by an international TV network as part of their Olympics coverage. This was the third time our folks were interviewed by an international TV network. Each interview was shown back home to millions of people.

Three more people professed Jesus Christ as Savior. The total number of professions now stands at 27 people. An intense followup ministry has already begun. We are told that the average English church would not see five people saved in an entire year.

The Shillif family from Cortland, New York, traveled to London with eight of their 11 children. Their family made up an entire ministry team with dad serving as the group leader. The family was positioned near the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park. Everyone coming to the games via the underground had to come out of this tunnel. The family, all with red AiG Olympics ministry team shirts, was poised to greet people and distribute the evangelistic booklet “Big Ben Time.” Caleb at the age of nine fearlessly faced the onslaught of rushing humanity and distributed more booklets than anyone else in the family. His siblings had to keep resupplying this little soldier with booklets. By the day’s end this single family had distributed 3,118 booklets and talked and witnessed to dozens of people.

Joining this family group were church groups from Plymouth, Michigan; Whitefish, Montana; Regina, Canada; and Clarkston, Washington. Many other individuals and smaller family groups were also in attendance for this ministry. Church groups and family group’s on-mission were a delight to see ministering together.

During the week, several folks used the translated booklets to talk with people who could not speak English. With their English copy in hand, they could direct an international through his or her translated booklet. Using a lot of hand motions and some known words, our team members were able to effectively witness to speakers of other languages.

As with any ministry of this type, there was some opposition and disappointment along the way. A Muslim group attempted to stop one of our groups, and there were occasional unfriendly and abusive policemen, as well as a loud mocker and some cults trying to block our team members. Each time our group moved, God provided a better spot where the responses were positive and the people were open. Our team never confronted anyone in authority and obeyed all directions no matter how unreasonable.

We did find the great majority of Londoners and fans to be gracious and friendly. We must complement our host city of London for a great time at the Olympics and for receiving us warmly.

For the last time, we climbed back on our Big Blue Coaches (bus) for the three-hour ride back to Belsey Bridge. All of us would conclude that the Belsey Bridge Christian resort made the trip worthwhile. (100 Americans and Canadians would recommend Belsey Bridge and give them a ten out of ten rating.)

After another amazing meal provide by Chef Terry, his wife, and their team, we headed to the conference room for reports from the day’s ministry. We heard stories of divine appointments and were excited to learn of three more people receiving Christ.

Our hearts were refreshed and thrilled with happiness when our worship leader Brian Cannon (from Michigan) came to sing a song that he had written based upon the days we had been together.

The songs title was, “London Calling.” The song poked fun at our long bus rides to London, saying, “we all live in a blue coach bus.” We all laughed when he sang about wearing our official red shirts every day and also he poked fun at the 5,000 Olympic pins that were used as tool for evangelism.

Our group of 100 had learned to laugh together, pray together, and cry together. We had become a real Christian family, albeit for only 12 days.

Thanks to Answers in Genesis for having a heart for evangelism, and thanks to families, friends, and churches for sending your loved ones. Thank you to all those who donated to the team members, and finally, thanks to the Lord for doing great and mighty things in our presence!


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