London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day Eight, Thursday


How Great Thou Art

Ken Ham came to London and spent two days with our Olympics outreach team here at Belsey Bridge. Then he spoke again after the evening meal and challenged our team to keep going and reaching people in London. He gave a thought-provoking and sad report of the spiritual conditions in England. He then talked about the importance biblical authority and being faithful to the Word of God.

Following the presentation, we were able to convince Ken to move from the pulpit to the piano. He played and led our group in a rousing rendition of How Great Thou Art. The group joined him in an amazing moment of praise and thanksgiving. Our group thoroughly enjoyed having Ken Ham with us in a more intimate setting.

The group today reported distributing over 10,605 booklets, bringing our grand total to 34,321. These gospel missiles will travel home with people from 103 different countries with an average readership of seven people per booklet. There are 204 countries at the Olympics, so we have had conversations with people from half of these countries!

We are greatly rejoicing that 21 people have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ and now live with the promise of eternal life. Praise, glory, and amen!

Two of our English ladies decided to go into a local town called Norwich instead of going into London. They wanted to rest a bit and recharge.  However, their day included leading a lady to Christ, giving out AiG booklets, and sharing the gospel. Interestingly, as they passed a booklet to one man, he said he had already seen the booklet because his sister had brought one home from London. This is the spreading of the gospel.

Dr. David R. Crandall

The whole AiG WorldWide Team

Ken Ham and Mike Zovath talking with the next generation of Olympic witnesses

The group singing along while Ken Ham played the piano

Ken Ham accompanying the group

Ken Ham and Mike Zovath with a member of the AiG WorldWide team in London

Stefanie Cannon (AiG WorldWide employee) had to return home early. She decided she would Skype during the meetings she was missing.


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