London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day Five, Monday


This morning, the rains dried up and a very bright sky greeted our AiG team as we prepared for our first full day in London. The full English breakfast provided by our host, Belsey Bridge Resort, proved to be more than adequate to fuel us for an exciting day of ministry.

One of our 53-passenger coaches headed straight into the heart of London, dropping our team near Big Ben and the Parliament building. This half of our team spread out across London’s downtown in familiar places like Trafalgar Square, St. James Gardens, and Piccadilly Square.

Our second coach headed to London’s west side near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This team spread out to Stratford City, Victoria Park, West Ham Park, and several other locations.

During this first day, we are getting into a ministry rhythm. We distributed 6,323 “Big Ben Time” Olympics booklets, talked to 902 people and led five people to Christ, for which we praise the Lord. The team also gave out 22 translated booklets to people who were not fluent in English.

One person described how he gave a man an English booklet, and the man responded that he spoke only Russian. So, our team member immediately produced the booklet in Russian. The man was surprised beyond belief that AiG had taken the time to translate the booklet and bring it to London. The team member then proceeded to read the booklet out loud as the Russian chap read his in Russian. The man showed genuine interest and additional materials were given to him for study and perusal.

One lady led a mom to Christ who was very overwhelmed trying to raise an autistic child all by herself. After she received Christ, her strength was renewed and she immediately began to tell others about the Savior.

Thankfully, these stories will be repeated often all across London as our AiG team, using creation evangelism, is faithful in taking God’s Word to London and all the international visitors. In fact, we have already talked to people from 46 nations of the world.

Candy Peters talking with some people at London’s famed Trafalgar Square

Susan Shilliff and two of her children as they prepare to start witnessing

A few of our group leaders planning where they are going to head tomorrow as soon as they get on the streets


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